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FIXING US docu series

2022 Story Producer and Editor; Four 22 min episodes

A new health and wellness reality series airing September 2022 on NBC.


BLUEPRINT docu series

HBCUS  feature doc

2021 Story Producer and Editor; Four 20ish min episodes

A Masterclass style show for Complex.


2021 Editor; One Hour episode (Part 2 above)

This CBS piece shines a spotlight on HBCUs and the talent to come from those schools. Played during March Madness. 


LAST CALL feature doc

2020 Producer and Editor (Wrote this trailer)

A gritty timecapsule showcasing the bar and restaurant industry's struggle during the 2020 Covid 19 shutdown. 

100 Years | 100 WOMEN  short doc

QUIET STORM feature doc

2020 Editor

In honor of the 100 year anniversary of women's suffrage, 100 women artists comment on how far (or not so far) we have come for the freedoms of women of all colors and creeds in this short portrait. Featured on Vogue.


B/REAL  docu series

2019 Editor

The film shines a spotlight on the polarizing athlete Ron Artest, who was at times feared and often misunderstood both on and off the basketball court and includes intimate interviews from the man now known as Metta World Peace, his former teammates, rivals, his loved ones and family. Emmy nominated.


MMF  short doc

2019 Editor; Four 22 min episodes

This Bleacher Report series highlights talented young athletes across America and the struggles they face.


2011 Writer and Editor

Madagascar's top predator is a mysterious cat-like creature called the fossa. But dogs and humans are threatening its very existence. National Geographic's Luke Dollar investigates.

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